By Michael Hall

If you suffer from tension headaches, muscle spasm, tightness or soreness due to stress, tension or chronic pain, dry needling therapy combined with physiotherapy may be just your solution.

Dry needling treatment is now becoming very widespread in the treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions such as dry needling for knee pain.

It is theorized that muscle overload or muscle injury can cause areas of increased soft tissue tension, stiffness, and knotting (trigger points). Dry needling treatment involves inserting fine filament needles into trigger points to reproduce a patient’s symptoms, cause a local twitch response and achieve relief of muscle tension and pain.

The bigger the twitch response the greater the treatment effect appears to be in terms of reduced pain, greater muscles relaxation and nervous tension release. The soft tissue then becomes soft and supple, an ideal environment for optimal healing to take place.

Dry needling therapy, however, can have some adverse effects and for this reason, must be performed by physiotherapists and health professionals who are well trained and qualified in this modality.

Whilst dry needling treatment does cause some local, temporary soreness, this can be minimized by the application of heat and stretching.

Dry needling therapy must not be used such as with bleeding disorders, active infections, blood-borne diseases, metal allergies, unstable allergies and in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Additionally, extreme care must be taken when dry needling near the lungs to avoid causing a punctured lung.

Having said this, dry needling physical therapy may deliver the best healthcare results for conditions such as tension headaches, long term back pain, arthritis or any other acute or chronic joint or muscle pain.

Dry needling physiotherapy is the ideal integration of dry needling therapy with “hands on” massage and mobilization/manipulation techniques and stretching, stabilization and strengthening exercises to reduce pain, correct biomechanics and optimize function.

Bodywise physiotherapists and myotherapists all have extensive qualifications and wide-ranging experience providing dry needling therapy to the people of Bayside suburbs of Hampton, Brighton, Elwood, Elsternwick, Sandringham, Highett, Cheltenham, Black Rock and Beaumaris and extending across Melbourne.

If you want safe, trusted, the clinically advanced treatment that delivers you proven health care results, then call Bodywise Health on 1 300 BODYWISE (263 994) and begin experiencing the superior benefits of dry needling physiotherapy treatment.

Please note:

  • Rebates are available through your private insurance extras cover
  • For complex or chronic conditions, you may qualify for CDM assistance, allowing you to receive 5 allied health services each calendar year with a referral from your GP. For more information, please call now on 1300 263 994.