The Bodywise On-site Physiotherapy Solution is your answer to a workplace injury, both prevention and recovery. Whether it be prompt professional injury management, ergonomic assessment, manual handling training, injury prevention education or Better Health Workshops, the Bodywise Health On-site Physiotherapy Solution is designed to minimize the adverse impacts of injury whilst maximizing the opportunity for all team members to increase their productivity and engagement at work.

You see, the purpose of the Bodywise Health On-site Physiotherapy Solution is not just about optimizing physical recovery but to educate, empower and inspire people to a higher level of performance. This process is facilitated through a program of understanding that starts with empathetic listening, agreement on SMART goal setting and a written Recovery Treatment Plan that forecasts treatment techniques, functional milestones together with a timeline of achievement dates.

The Bodywise Health On-site Physiotherapy Solution will work in harmony with your strategy to build a better business by helping to build better people; better physically, better psychologically, better functionally.