If you have ever had to deal with the cost of an employee who hasn’t been able to cope physically or mentally with their work, you know how important pre-employment screening is.

And with workplaces becoming ever more litigious and medical expenses ever more exorbitant, pre-employment screening is the best way for you to protect yourself against needless Work cover and Occupational and Health and Safety claims.

However, a pre-employment screen is more than just about the prevention of injuries or claims. You know that to win in business, you need the best team, performing at their best. Selecting the wrong person can be a massive cost. One non-performing person can bring down an entire organization. You can’t afford to get it wrong. That’s why pre-employment screening is an absolutely essential element of any recruitment program. It’s also why Bodywise Health has developed a quick and easy cost effective Pre-Screening Solution that can be tailored to your workplace. Combined with a comprehensive yet concise report, the Bodywise Health Pre-Employment Screening Solution will become the cornerstone of your recruitment program, ensuring that you select the right person on time, every time.